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Folk Festival

Tuesday, 8 to 11 p.m.

Folk Festival  Program Host(s):
Lilli Kuzma

Folk Festival is proudly sponsored by:


Join host Lilli Kuzma for a great mix of folk artists and styles, from traditional and contemporary folk, to doses of related and influenced styles, like folk-rock, bluegrass, country, blues, Celtic, world, Americana, and more. Folk Festival presents entertaining themed shows plus topical and historical segments, and regularly hosts outstanding live studio guests, both Chicago-based and national touring acts. There are frequent ticket and CD giveaways, and on each show listeners are informed about area/regional concerts, workshops, and events, with the Chicagoland Folk Calendar. Lilli presents the show live, affording a fresh and direct presence with the listeners.

Upcoming Programs

Dec 23rd, 2014: 'The Spirit of Christmas'

Dec 30th, 2014: 'Winter Magic at Year's End'

Jan 6th, 2015: Humphrey-McKeown Band live, plus more 'Faves' and a segment on Epiphany

Jan 13th, 2015: Winter Folk Special! Featuring Lyal Strickland live in studio

Jan 20th, 2015: Burns Night: Andrew Calhoun live and special guest June Skinner Sawyers

Jan 27th, 2015: Festival Mixer! Very eclectic blend of artists and styles.

Interview Podcasts

Lilli Kuzma met with folk legend, Peggy Seeger, for a special taped session aired on the Folk Festival show March 25, 2014. Listen to this podcast to hear the interview and Peggy's live studio performance at WDCB. She talks about the passing of her half-brother, Pete Seeger, and also about her brother, the late Mike Seeger (of New Lost City Ramblers fame).

Lilli Kuzma met with outstanding Chicago-based folk artist, Mark Dvorak, at the WDCB production room on Monday, December 16, 2013, for a special recorded session highlighting Mark's new book, "Bowling for Christmas and Other Stories from the Road."

Previous Programs

displays the previous month of programming
Dec 16th, 2014: Eric Lambert & Pat Otto live, songs for Hannukah

Dec 9th, 2014: 'Gifted Folk' with Andina & Rich, Joe Jencks, and Jenny & Robin Bienemann all live in studio

Dec 2nd, 2014: 'Holiday Hoot' live with a multitude of talent!

Nov 25th, 2014: Muriel Anderson live in studio, Thanksgiving theme

Folk Festival "Faves of 2013"

Folk Festival's "Fabulous Fifteen Faves" (Albums) of 2013
1. The Milk Carton Kids, "The Ash & Clay"
2. Brother Sun, "Some Part of the Truth"
3. Amy Speace, "How to Sleep in a Stormy Boat"
4. Spark & Whisper, "Ghost Towns"
5. Susan Werner, "Hayseed"
6. Hounds of Finn, "Gravity Pulls"
7. Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan, "All Our Luck Is Changing"
8. Putnam Smith, "Kitchen, Love"
9. Andrew Calhoun, "Living Room"
10. Red Tail Ring, "The Heart's Swift Foot"
11. The Sweet Maries, "The Sweet Maries"
12. Harpeth Rising, "Tales from Jackson Bridge"
13. Lisa Redfern, "A Living Prayer"
14. Smithfield Fair, "Stick, Brick & Mortar"
15. SongSisters, "Live!"
note: scroll down to see the complete "Faves" album list!

Top Fave Instrumental Albums of 2013
1. Liz Carroll, "On the Off Beat"
2. Dick Hyman & Judy Hyman, "Late Last Summer"
3. John Sherman and Randy Clepper, "Finally Tuned"
4. Terra Guitarra (Patchouli's Bruce Hecksel & Julie Patchouli), "Auld Lang Syne"

Top Fave Traditional Albums of 2013
1. Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer, "Child Ballads"
2. John Sherman and Randy Clepper, "Finally Tuned"

Top Bluegrass Album of 2013
Steep Canyon Rangers, "Tell the Ones I Love"

Top Fave Holiday Albums of 2013
1. Terra Guitarra, "Auld Lang Syne"
2. Various artists, "A Very Blue Rock Christmas" (Blue Rock Artists)
3. Andina & Rich, "Yule Shmuel" EP

Top Fave Songs of 2013
1. Susan Werner, "Egg Money" from the album, Hayseed
2. Red Tail Ring, "Queen of the West and Other Stories" from the album, The Heart's Swift Foot
3. The Milk Carton Kids, "Hope of a Lifetime" and "The Ash & Clay" and "Honey, Honey" from the album, The Ash & Clay
4. Brother Sun, "Lady of the Harbor" and "Pushing Stones" from the album, Some Part of the Truth
5. The Leadfoot Band, "Diesel" from the album, The Leadfoot Band
6. Andrew Calhoun, "Hallelujah Morning" from the album, Living Room
7. Amy Speace, "The Sea and The Shore" from the album, "How to Sleep in a Stormy Boat"
8. Mark Hobbs, "All Torn Down" from the album, Cornfield Highways
9. Spark & Whisper, "Little Tree" and "Who I've Been" from the album, Ghost Towns
10. Adrienne Frailey, "I Would Be the Sky" from the album, I Would Be the Sky
11. Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan, "All Our Luck Is Changing" from the album, All Our Luck Is Changing
12. Harpeth Rising, "Four Days More" from the album, Tales from Jackson Bridge
13. Krista Detor, "Red Velvet Box" and "Flat Earth Diary" from the album, Flat Earth Diary
14. Hounds of Finn, "Gravity Pulls" from the album, Gravity Pulls
15. Buddy Mondlock, "The Holes You Leave" (co-written with Guy Clark), from the album, The Memory Wall

Top Fave Instrumentals of 2013
1. Muriel Anderson, "A Baker's Dozen" and "Ferryboat Crossing" from the album, Nightlight, Daylight
2. Liz Carroll, "The Fruit and the Snoot / On the Offbeat" from the album, On the Off Beat
3. Harpeth Rising, "Eris" from the album, Tales from Jackson Bridge
4. Burning Bridget Cleary, "Pressed for Time" from the album, Pressed for Time
5. Hounds of Finn, "The Fairview Gypsy Reel" from the album, Gravity Pulls
6. Dick Hyman & Judy Hyman, "Late Last Summer" from the album, "Late Last Summer"
7. Joel Mabus, "Pepper's Ghost" from the album, Pepper's Ghost
8. The Tuttles with A.J. Lee, "Furnace Creek" from the album, Endless Ocean
9. Chris Vallillo, "Tequila" from the album, The Last Day of Winter
10. John Sherman and Randy Clepper, "Behind the Haystack / Main at the Spinning Wheel / Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife" from the album, "Finally Tuned"

Top Fave Traditional Songs of 2013
1.The Henry Girls, "Rain and Snow" from the album, December Moon
2. Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer, "Geordie" (Child 209) from the album, Child Ballads
3. Beppe Gambetta, "Lonesome Road Blues" from the album, The American Album
4. Adrienne Frailey, "O Mary Don't You Weep" from the album, I Would Be the Sky
5. Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer, "Willie's Lady" (Child 6) from the album, "Child Ballads"

Top Fave Funniest Songs of 2013
1. Andrew Calhoun, "Born A Chicken" from the album, Living Room
2. Chris Farrell, "Nuns in Disguise" from the album, Circus Days
3. Susan Werner, "Herbicides" from the album, Hayseed
4. SongSisters, "Magic Potion" (S. Fink) from the album, SongSisters Live!
5. Jim Bizer & Jan Krist, "It Takes One To Know One" (J. Bizer) from the album, Too

Top Fave Cover Songs of 2013
1. Erik Balkey, "Born in the U.S.A." (Bruce Springsteen) from the album, Everything Is Great
2. Urban Monroes, "Never My Love" (Donald and Richard Addrisi) from the album, Appaloosa Daydream
3. Deborah Holland, "Norwegian Wood" (Lennon and McCartney) from the album, Vancouver
4. The Sweet Maries, "Rain" (Lennon and McCartney) from the album, The Sweet Maries
5. SongSisters, "Swimming to the Other Side" (Pat Humphries), performed live and recorded at Folk Festival's "Holiday Hoot" (12-8-13, broadcast 12-24-13), also on Amy Dixon-Kolar's new album release, "Dancing Through the Storm" (which includes the voices of fellow SongSisters, Sue Fink and Patti Shaffner).
6. Jaime Michaels, "Andale" (Jack Hardy), from the album, Unknown Blessings
7. Greg Klyma, "You Are My Sunshine" (Jimmie Davis) from the album, Another Man's Treasure
8. The Boxcar Lilies, "If I Needed You" (Townes Van Zandt) from the album, Sugar Shack
9. Brother Sun, "I Ain't Got No Home" (Woody Guthrie) from the album, Some Part of the Truth
10.Marty Hays, "Wish We Had Our Time Again" (lyrics by John Hartford), from the album, Wish We Had Our Time Again

Additional Fave Albums of 2013 (in no particular order):
Joel Mabus, "Pepper's Ghost"
Krista Detor, "Flat Earth Diary"
Chad Elliott, "So Sang the Crow"
Patchouli, "Anything is Possible"
David Francey, "So Say We All"
Chris Farrell, "Circus Days"
Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer, "Child Ballads"
Mark Hobbs, "Cornfield Highways"
Greg Klyma, "Another Man's Treasure"
The Copper Ponies, "Ring Them Bells"
John Sherman and Randy Clepper, "Finally Tuned"
The Leadfoot Band, "The Leadfoot Band"
Zoe Mulford, "Coyote Wings"
The Boxcar Lilies, "Sugar Shack"
Adrienne Frailey, "I Would Be the Sky"
Beppe Gambetta, "The American Album"
Peter Cooper, "Opening Day"
Erik Balkey, "Everything is Great"
The Henry Girls, "December Moon"
Stone Blind Valentine, "Burn Like a Field"
Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line, "Carnival"
Burning Bridget Cleary, "Pressed for Time"
Kathy Greenholdt, "When You're Dead"
Elephant Revival, "These Changing Skies"
Dick Hyman & Judy Hyman, "Late Last Summer"
Solas, "Shamrock City"
Susan Kane, "A Word Child"
Scott Cook, "One More Time Around"
Dar Williams, "In the Time of Gods"
Chris Vallillo, "The Last Day of Winter"
Talitha MacKenzie, "Spiorad"
Beth Wood, "The Weather Inside"
Old Buck, "Old Buck"
Muriel Anderson, "Nightlight Daylight"
Mark Knopfler, "Privateering"
Jonas Friddle and the Majority, "Use Your Voice"
Patty Larkin, "Still Green"
Marshall Hjertstedt, "Painting the Scene"
Jaime Michaels, "Unknown Blessings"
Brian Miller and Randy Gosa, "The Falling of the Pine"
Liz Carroll, "On the Off Beat"
Marty Hays, "Wish We Had Our Time Again"
Kevin O'Donnell, "Deep is the Well"
Si Kahn, "Bristol Bay"
Sunnyside Up, "Hard Old Dollar"
Dan Weber, "Ash and Bone"
Spuyten Duyvil, "Temptation"
The Barn Birds, "The Barn Birds"
Deborah Holland, "Vancouver"
Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, "On the Edge"
Jan Krist & Jim Bizer, "Too"
Charlie Mosbrook, "Something to Believe"
Brooks Williams, "New Everything"
Linda Thompson, "Won't Be Long Now"
The Dustbowl Revival, "Carry Me Home"
Buddy Mondlock, "The Memory Wall"
Debi Smith, "Hits & Holidays"
Blackmore's Night, "Dancer and the Moon"
3 Penny Acre, "Rag and Bone"
The Tuttles with A.J. Lee, "Endless Ocean"
Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott,"Memories and Moments"
Alice Gerrard, "Bittersweet"
David Mallett, "Greenin' Up"
Steep Canyon Rangers, "Tell the Ones I Love"
Many more fine albums were chosen for airplay in 2013. This list is partially influenced by listener feedback, comments, and requests. Additionally, other albums received in 2013 will see airplay in 2014 and some will carry over to next year's 'Faves' list.
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