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The Arts Section

Sunday, 8 to 9 a.m.

WDCB News<br/>The Arts Section  Program Host(s):
Gary Zidek

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The Arts Section is a new magazine show that spotlights creative people, events and ideas. Every week, Assistant News Director Gary Zidek shines a light on arts and culture in the Chicago area. The focus will be on stories within the arts community, with commentary and discussions on literature, music, film, special events, food and more.

Current Episode

May 1st, 2016

Jonathan Pitts, co-founder of the Chicago Improv Festival

On this edition of The Arts Section, host Gary Zidek previews the 19th annual Chicago Improv Festival and learns about the history of improv in Chicago.  Fest co-founder Jonathan Pitts and Chicago improv legend Susan Messing are interviewed.  Gary talked to renowned guitarist Julian Lage about his new album ARCHLIGHT.  Later in the show, Gary catches up with an exciting Chicago artist, who started as a true street artist, but is now finding success in the studio.  Learn all about Jordan Nickel, aka POSE, who will be signing books at the MCA on Tuesday 05/03.  We’ll hear from the author a new book about last year’s Kentucky Derby winner.  And the Dueling Critics stop by with a review of A Red Orchid Theatre’s latest production.




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Gary visited POSE's northside stuido

Artist Jordan Nickel aka POSE









To find out more about Pose's work click here.





Julian Lage



For more information on Julian Lage's new album Arclight click here.
















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