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Those Were the Days

Saturday, 1 to 5 p.m.

Those Were the Days  Program Host(s):
Ken Alexander
Steve Darnall

This program is available for sponsorship!
(Contact Ron Horan for more details.)

WDCB is very pleased to present "Those Were the Days," a program that has played a prominent role in Chicago's radio history for more than 35 years. Drawing from a vast library of material each Saturday, Steve Darnall presents old-time radio classics & music.

You'll find the complete schedule for every Those Were the Days program—along with great articles about the Golden Age of Entertainment—in ever issue of Nostalgia Digest magazine!
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Upcoming Programs

Jul 2nd, 2016: Sweet and Hot: More Big Bands from 1928-1934

Sunny Meadows Program, Anson Weeks and His Orchestra, Lucky Strike Hour, Gus Arnheim and His Orchestra, Jimmie Grier and His Cocoanut Grove Orchestra, Eddie South and His International Orchestra, American Review, Beal-Taylor Orchestra, Griff Williams-Jimmy Walsh and Their Orchestra, Our Special Guest Karl Pearson

Jul 9th, 2016: Christmas in July...and We Return to Magic Island!

This is Your FBI, Magic Island, Lux Radio Theatre, Couple Next Door

Jul 16th, 2016: Duffy's Tavern, Magic Island, Speaking of Radio, Fred Allen Show, Lum and Abner

Jul 23rd, 2016: Jimmy Durante Show, Magic Island, Screen Guild Players, Life with Luigi, Suspense

Jul 30th, 2016: Radio in 1936 - and More Magic!

Burns and Allen Show, Magic Island, Calling All Cars, Death Valley Days, Tim and Irene Show

Aug 6th, 2016: Four-Star Playhouse, Magic Island, Johnny Mercer's Music Shop, Kraft Music Hall, Command Performance #152, Boston Blackie

Aug 13th, 2016: Radio's M Squad

Magic Island, My Friend Irma, Mercury Theatre of the Air, Melody Hour

Aug 20th, 2016: Favorite Story, Magic Island, Great Gildersleeve, Luke Slaughter of Tombstone, Information Please

Aug 27th, 2016: Teenagers on the Air

Aldrich Family, Magic Island, Meet Corliss Archer, Hardy Family, A Date with Judy

Sep 3rd, 2016: Spotlight on the Spotlight Bands

Spotlight Bands, Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands #163, Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands #327, Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands #367, Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands #424, Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands #593, Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands #670, Spotlight Bands #894, Our Special Guest Karl Pearson

Sep 10th, 2016: Railroad Hour, Broadway is My Beat, Speaking of Radio, Our Miss Brooks, Columbia Workshop

Sep 17th, 2016: Remembering Edward G. Robinson

Big Town, Screen Directors' Playhouse, Kraft Music Hall, This is Hollywood, Bob Hope Show, Suspense

Sep 24th, 2016: Radio is in the Cards

Mystery in the Air, Fibber McGee & Molly, Escape, Jack Benny Program, Frontier Gentleman, Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet

Previous Programs

displays the previous month of programming
Jun 25th, 2016: Radio's Lucky Number

One Out of Seven, Screen Guild Players, Crime Classics, Here's to Veterans, Wild Bill Hickok, Eddie Cantor Show, The Whistler

Jun 18th, 2016: Father Knows Best, Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, The Third Man, Easy Aces, Kraft Music Hall, Sealtest Village Store, Dragnet

Jun 11th, 2016: Spotlight on Olivia DeHaviland

Suspense, Bob Hope Show, Lux Radio Theatre, Everything for the Boys, Our Special Guest Bob Kolososki

Jun 4th, 2016: Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Joan Davis Show, Inner Sanctum, Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, Cisco Kid, Philco Radio Time

Piano Jazz