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Trump Moves Closer To Nomination

posted April 28th, 2016

Donald Trump’s campaign says he will temper his rhetoric as the one time reality TV star focuses on winning the General election. Trump won all five of Tuesday’s Republican primaries, but he’s still short of the 1,237 delegates needed to lock up the nomination. College of DuPage Political Science professor Dr. David Goldberg expects Trump will try to move toward the center if he becomes the nominee. But he doesn’t expect a wholesale transformation. Goldberg says some of the things Trump has said recently about foreign policy are core values and probably not things that he will move away from; but he may pivot on an issue like health care and adopt the Republican Party position of opposing the Affordable Care Act. Goldberg tells WDCB News while it’s possible Trump could win the nomination outright, he still thinks there will be a brokered convention. He says there is a strong undercurrent of opposition among party leaders to the idea of Trump as the party’s nominee.

Home Buyers Deal With Unusual Problem

posted April 27th, 2016

Home buyers face an unusual challenge as the spring housing market begins to take shape. Illinois Realtors Association president Mike Drews says there aren’t enough properties on the market to meet demand. The Aurora based realtor says continued low interest rates have brought first time home buyers off the sidelines. Drews tells WDCB News growth in the ‘first time’ home buyer market fuels growth in other sectors. He says realtors expect the 'move up' home sales will begin to increase also and hopefully that will help all price ranges as more sellers get into the market. Drews hopes retiring baby boomers will give the upper price ranges a boost by staying in Illinois instead of relocating to warmer climates. Drews says it has become common for entry level homes to only be on the market for a few days before a seller has multiple offers to consider. He says the strong start to the year is a good indication of what the rest of 2016 will hold for the region’s real estate market.

Money Smart Week Offers Free Personal Finance Programs

posted April 26th, 2016

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s annual personal finance awareness campaign, Money Smart Week is underway.  The week-long initiative brings together organizations all over the country to provide classes, seminars and programs all designed to help people better manage their personal finances.  The Glen Ellyn Public Library is one of the hundreds of local organizations participating in Money Smart Week.  The library’s Amy Franco tells WDCB News the campaign has grown tremendously since it began 14 years ago. Money Smart Week continues through Saturday.  

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