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New Ideas Surface For Expanded Gambling

posted April 16th, 2014

State Representative Bob Rita holds another in his series of public hearings on gambling expansion today in Chicago. The Blue Island Democrat continues to advocate for adding casinos as a way to boost revenue for schools and construction projects. His latest proposal would see only one additional casino and it would be located in Chicago. Rita tells WDCB News even a single facility in the city would benefit the entire state. He says everyone in Illinois would benefit because Chicago would get half the recvenue for city services and pensions. The other half of the proceeds would be split with every other county in the state. The House Executive committee will hold a second hearing Wednesday afternoon to discuss Rita’s alternate proposal. That plan would allow a small casino in Chicago and four smaller gaming houses around the state.

Employment Picture For Teens And Grads Is Improved

posted April 16th, 2014

With most school spring breaks now complete, it’s just a matter of weeks until students wrap up another school year. For many teens, that will mean looking for a job, in some cases their first job. Chicago based employment expert John Challenger says the prospects for employment this summer are better than they’ve been in recent years. He tells WDCB News the best advice for young people is to get out there and knock on some doors. Challenger says teens should walk a shopping mall and talk with each of the store managers. He thinks that strategy will result in quick results and it gets young people out ahead of the rush for summer jobs in late May and early June. Challenger says it’s not too late to start a search for a summer job, but as with most things, the sooner you start the better. He says new graduates looking to start their career will also find a healthier job market this summer.

State Bike Plan Is a Step Forward for Alternative Transportation

posted April 16th, 2014

Typically when you think of the Illinois Department of Transportation you think of roads, bridges, highways, and railroads. But this week the agency released a state bike plan. Ron Burke is Executive Director of the Chicago based Active Transportation Alliance. The group advocates on behalf of cyclists, pedestrians, and alternative transportation projects. Burke tells WDCB News the plan represents a changing attitude among transportation agencies. He says I-DOT and other transportation planners recognize that our streets need to become complete streets. Burke says that means they need to be adapted to work for everyone, whether you are driving, riding a bike, or walking. He says I-DOT’s own research shows more people would use their bike for short trips if they didn’t feel threatened by traffic. The plan calls for developing more protected bike lanes, more sidewalks, and improved crossings.\

New Round of Ukrainian Protests Raise Concern

posted April 11th, 2014

Less than a month ago, people in Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and become part of Russia. Now, pro-Russian residents in three other Ukrainian cities have control of government buildings to protest the country’s new government. College of DuPage Russian History professor Ben Whisenhunt says there are indications Russian President Vladimir Putin is behind the new protests. But he tells WDCB News it’s hard to read what’s happening in eastern Ukraine. Whisenhunt says the identity of exactly who has control of the government buildings is unclear, but the general population in those cities isn't as supportive of the protests as people were in Kiev. Whisenhunt is still optimistic the situation in Ukraine can be resolved peacefully. He says Moscow’s response may be making Putin stronger with most Russians, but it’s hurting his international stature.

Airline Performance At All-Time High

posted April 9th, 2014

The annual Airline Quality Report shows the Chicago based United is doing better, but it still has a lot of work to do. United ranked 12th out of 15 air carriers in the report from Emory Riddle University and Wichita State University. It ranked last in the 2012 report. DePaul University transportation studies professor Joe Schwieterman says improvements at O’Hare should help United in next year’s analysis. He tells WDCB News the nation’s air carriers are trying to hold the line of customer cost. He says as much as travelers like to complain about airfares, they really haven't risen more than the fuel prices would suggest they ought to. Schwieterman says there isn't a lot of price gouging in the market. The same report shows a 15 percent drop in customer complaints from 2012. Schwieterman thinks travelers have come to expect less from airlines and may complain less as a result.

State's Government Transparency Rating Sags Slightly

posted April 9th, 2014

A government watchdog group says Illinois is doing better than most states when it comes to sharing information with residents. The Public Interest Research Group released a state-by-state report on government transparency.  Illinois PIRG’s Dev Gowda says the state earned a “B+” in the annual ‘Following the Money’ report. Gowda tells WDCB News despite the better than average grade, Illinois lost some ground in the past year. He says the drop is primarily because of increased standards across the country. Illinois had an "A-" last year, but as other states improve transparency Illinois will have to refocus its efforts. PIRG would like to see better documentation of economic development subsidies. But Gowda says overall the state’s website gives people a good sense of how it spends their tax dollars and where it’s going.

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