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New Survey Measures Renters' Satisfaction

posted May 22nd, 2015

Chicago received an over-all grad of “B+” in a new nationwide survey of renters atisfaction.  This week, San Francisco-based Apartment List released the resultsfrom its first ever “Renter Confidence Survey”.  Many of the country’s most expensive rent cities also had some of the highest satisfaction scores.  Chicago rated high in some areas … but below average in several others.  WDCB News Reporter Gary Zidek talked to Apartment List Data analyst Max Rosett about the purpose of the survey.

Children's Museum Ready To Begin Rebuilding

posted May 21st, 2015

There are two distinct phases in the aftermath of any disaster, recovery and rebuilding. For nearly six months, the DuPage Children’s Museum has been in the recovery phase. In early January, a pipe burst at the Naperville based museum, water flooded the lower level of the museum and damaged the upper floor. Museum President Sarah Orleans says there has been a long list of unexpected challenges. But she tells WDCB News the time has finally come to start re-building. Orleans says she's excited to announce the museum team has slated to begin construction on May 27th. She says everything up until now has been the "unbuilding" and now the project moves into the construction of exhibits and spaces. Orleans says unfortunately, the museum won’t be open while students are on summer break this year. She says the best estimate is the building will welcome guests to the newly re-designed and rebuilt exhibits in late August.

First Division Museum Opens New Vietnam Exhibit

posted May 20th, 2015

The First Division Museum at Cantigny Park has unveiled a new Vietnam exhibit. “Five Years In the Jungle: Vietnam Experiences of the First Infantry Division 1965 to 1970” opened to the public over the weekend.  Paul Herbert is the executive director of the First Division Museum.  He says the idea was to create a sense of what it was like for arriving soldiers in Vietnam.  Herbert tells WDCB News he hopes visitors leave with a greater appreciation of what service members stationed in Vietnam went through. “Five Years In the Jungle” will be on display at the First Division Museum in Cantigny through November 1st.

CIvic Federation Calls For Lawmakers To Approve New Revenue

posted May 20th, 2015

A government research group knows state lawmakers face tough decision, but it says Illinois can’t afford to sidestep them again this year. Civic Federation President Laurence Msall met with State Senators earlier this week and spoke to Chicago’s business and civic leaders Tuesday. He says some of the proposals Governor Bruce Rauner’s suggested for this budget seem unlikely because they would require federal approval. Msall tells WDCB News the Civic Federation’s analyzed Rauner’s plan and supports $2-billion of his spending cuts. He says there's another four billion though that requires either changes to state law or federal government approval, or other things that don't seem likely to occur in the last two weeks of the session. Bottom line, Msall says the state can't keep spending money it doesn't have. He says lawmakers are spending too much time on revenue sources that won’t make address the scope of the state’s financial problems. The Civic Federation says Illinois should begin taxing retirement income, a move that could generate $1-billion a year.

Foster Proposal Aims to Close Digital Divide

posted May 19th, 2015

U.S. Representative Bill Foster is sponsoring a new piece of legislation that aims to provide internet access to all households with school-age children.  The Democratic Congressman unveiled details of the “Closing the Digital Divide for Students Act” Moday in Joliet.  The measure would make it easier for families who qualify for free or reduced lunches to access the internet.  Foster tells WDCB News every student, regardless of income level, should have access to the internet.  Under Foster’s proposal, qualified families would be required to use the least expensive internet provider available.  Foster is unsure if the measure will received  the bi-partisan support it needs to move forward.

Technology Lets Museum Visitors Interact With A Holocaust Survivor

posted May 19th, 2015

The Illinois Holocaust Museum is making it possible for visitors to have a virtual conversation with a survivor. The Skokie based museum, the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation and the USC Institute for Creative Technologies worked together to develop the exhibit. The Holocaust Museum’s Amanda Friedeman says New Dimensions in Testimony uses voice and facial recognition to let visitors ask questions of a survivor. She tells WDCB News it’s incredibly realistic. Friedeman says the survivor the museum's working with on the project is named Pinchas Gutter. She says when people enter the room Gutter is visible on what is essentially a giant television screen. Friedeman says he's sitting in a chair, looking around, and nodding. She says it's so realistic people frequently walk in and say hello to the screen because they think Gutter is really there. Friedeman says what’s amazing is how the technology quickly fades away as visitors interact with the exhibit. The Illinois Holocaust Museum will give people a chance to interact with Pinchas Gutter each Saturday through the end of June.

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