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Illinois' 11th Congressional Race Difficult to Predict

posted October 21st, 2014

The battle for Illinois’ 11th Congressional District was expected to be among the most competitive races in the state.  And with just two weeks to go before Election Day, it’s still unclear whether incumbent U-S Representative Bill Foster or Republican challenger Darlene Senger has the advantage.  Benedictine University political science professor Dr. Phil Hardy says it will be interesting to see what impact the governor’s race has on other races.  He tells WDCB News there could be a number of split-ticket voters this election. Hardy believes Foster has a slight advantage two weeks before Election Day.  But he says there are number of factors in play in the 11th District, which used to be a Republican stronghold until Democrats redrew its boundaries three years ago.

Fall Colors Ready to Peak

posted October 21st, 2014

If you’re hoping to enjoy some fall color before winter weather becomes a reality, this week might be your best opportunity.  Ed Hedborn is the plant records manager at the Morton Arboretum and official color scout for the Lisle-based property. He says weather plays a big role in determining what colors will emerge and when they’ll show up.  Hedborn tells WDCB News given the area’s recent weather, this week could be the peak period for color. Hedborn says Illinois’ fall color season traditionally lasts until mid-November. 

DuPage Health Dept Coordinates Bigger Basket Brigade Program

posted October 20th, 2014

An annual DuPage County health department program designed to train volunteers and first responders what to do in a public health emergency is taking on added significance this year. Emergency response procedures are getting a lot of attention these days as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention re-evaluates the country’s Ebola guidelines. DuPage Emergency response coordinator John Miller tells WDCB News the county’s Basket Brigade initiative serves as a training exercise for medicine distribution, while also providing Thanksgiving meals to local families in need. The Basket Brigade program has been recognized by FEMA as an innovative practice and is now being adopted by other communities around the country.

Oakbrook Man Donates $50,000 To Fund Narcan Program

posted October 17th, 2014

DuPage County’s program to train police and other first responders on how to reverse the effects of a heroin overdose is getting a financial boost. Oakbrook’s Ed Heil donated $50,000 to the county’s “Narcan”program. Heil’s grandson, Connor Kelly died from a heroin overdose. DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin allocated $100,000 in the current budget to combat the county’s growing heroin problem. He tells WDCB News this donation is an important part of the community’s response. Cronin says the county's committed to do whatever it takes and getting the community involved with respect to this particular problem is the most effective way to combat it. The county’s “Narcan” program has a total price tag of about $25,000. Heil’s donation will fund it for the next two years, and Cronin plans to seek additional donations to insure it continues in the future. 

Crime Commission Targets Illicit Video Gaming

posted October 17th, 2014

The Chicago Crime Commission’s efforts to combat organized crime date back to Al Capone and the prohibition era. The anti-crime group’s latest target is a high-tech incarnation of an age old problem, gambling. Commission Vice President Art Bilek says investigators have seen a growth in illegal video gambling machines throughout Cook County. He tells WDCB News the Crime Commission thinks there are mob ties to the “sweepstakes” machines. Bilek says there's no investigation into who puts the machines in a business. He says the Commission certainly thinks behind the curtain there lurks organized crime, just like there has always been in gambling devices dating back to the 1920s. Bilek says the illegal machines work just like those that ARE state regulated. But he says the machine owner and the owner of the business where it’s located split the take and don’t pay any state or local tax.

HotHouse Coming Back

posted October 16th, 2014

For decades … local music fans with eclectic tastes knew they could turn to HotHouse.  Marguerite Horberg established the original HotHouse venue in Wicker Park in 1987, it would later move to the south Loop.  In 2006, HotHouse’s board of directors’ ousted Horberg from the very organization she built.  And a year later the venue closed its doors.  Horberg reacquired the HotHouse name last year.  She tells WDCB News she’s working to rebuild the legacy of alternative cultural programming that began almost three decades ago. Horberg hopes to have new HotHouse venue in the next 18 months. In themeantime, she’s celebrating the return of HotHouse with the first ever “Old and New Dreams” Festival which starts Friday night in Hyde Park.

Emanuel's Second Term Now More Likely

posted October 16th, 2014

Re-election would now appear to be Rahm Emanuel’s to lose. Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis announced she won’t challenge Emanuel. Lewis is undergoing treatment for a brain tumor. College of DuPage Political Science professor Dr. David Goldberg says Lewis posed a legitimate threat to Emanuel’s chances for a second term. He tells WDCB News the former White House Chief of Staff is now in the position to hold the office as long as he wants. Goldberg says that's what he thought when Emanuel was first elected to the Mayor's office and his opinion didn't change until the Mayor clashed with the Chicago Teacher's Union. Goldberg says with Lewis' withdrawl from the race it seems again that Emanuel has the job for as long as he wants it. Chicago City Council member Bob Fioretti has already announced he plans to challenge Emanuel.  Goldberg says the second ward Alderman doesn’t have the same fund raising ability and name recognition that Lewis brought to the race.

Chicago Fashion Week Shines a Light On Local Designers

posted October 15th, 2014

Chicago Fashion Week 2014 kicked off last night with a Fashion Town Hall. While Chicago is widely known as a great place for young designers to learn their trade, many of them end up leaving for the coasts. Retaining young fashion talent was among the topics discussed at last night’s town hall meeting at the Chicago Cultural Center. Tonya Gross is the fashion director for Chicago’s department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.  She tells WDCB News Chicago has turned into a fashion training ground. She says the goal is to improve Chicago’s fashion infrastructure, better production facilities and suppliers, o talented designers stay here. Chicago Fashion Week continues through Sunday.

Advocacy Group Highlights Most Dangerous Intersections

posted October 15th, 2014

Over the summer the Active Transportation Alliance released a report that illustrated the lack of compliance with the state’s “must stop” law. It requires motorists to stop when a pedestrian steps into a marked, or unmarked crosswalk. Now, the advocacy group is spotlighting the Chicago area’s most dangerous intersections for walkers and runners. The Alliance’s Kyle Whitehead says four out of five pedestrian crashes happen at or near an intersection. He tells WDCB News everyone involved needs to figure out how to improve safety at those crossings. Whitehead says often times on arterial roads that are wider and where cars are used to traveling faster, drivers may not be prepared to stop for pedestrians. He says the end result of this campaign is all about having cars and cyclists, and pedestrians be able to anticipate what's going to happen next when they approach an intersection. The Active Transportation Alliance says there were 4700 pedestrian crashes in 2012, and 130 fatalities. Whitehead says the group wants to cut those numbers to zero by 2022.

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