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WDCB Night at The Jazz Showcase - FREE Admission!
Peter Lerner's "Continuation" Quintet
featuring Willie Pickens

presented by: WDCB 90.9fm Public Radio

Event Information
Mon, Jun 23
at 8pm & 10pm
(please note: all times are CST)
* Contact the organization listed above for ticketing information.

Venue Info
Jazz Showcase
806 S. Plymouth Ct.
in the historic Dearborn Station
Chicago, IL 60605 (click map for more details)
(312) 360-0234
Event Description

Our next FREE "WDCB Night at The Jazz Showcase" concert is Mon, Jun 23, and will feature Peter Lerner's "Continuation" Quintet featuring Willie Pickens!

This is also the CD Release Party for Continuation!

Peter Lerner - guitar, composer, leader
Willie Pickens - piano
Geof Bradfield - saxes
Marlene Rosenberg - bass
Charles Heath - drums

Our monthly WDCB Night at The Jazz Showcase is supported by Steve Maxwell Vintage and Custom Drums:

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