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Miles Davis/Gil Evans - Porgy & Bess

In 1958, George Gershwin’s opera Porgy And Bess was very much in vogue. Several jazz artists such as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Buddy Collette, and Mundell Lowe had already created their own versions of certain songs. Cal Lampley, George Avakian’s successor, wanted to take advantage of the fact that a film version of the opera was in production. Gil Evans’ adaptation of Gershwin’s score was a veritable tour de force. He chose certain pieces and reorganized the chronology of the original work, adding “Gone,” a completely original work whose tonal combinations placed it among his masterworks. The fierce violence of the orchestra’s overture, the funeral lamentations of “Gone, Gone, Gone,” and the powerful clamors of “Prayer” seized the audience and released their grip only to overwhelm them with the astonishing romanticism of the trumpeter who, with an actor’s intuition and a dandy’s grace, slipped into the skin of the different characters.
Greg Fishman - New Journey

This new CD features seven original tunes written when Greg was on tour in Bangkok, Singapore and Japan. Melodic, straight-ahead jazz with a cool mix of Bebop and Brazilian styles. This is an all-acoustic recording with incredible fidelity, featuring my Chicago rhythm section of Dennis Luxion (piano), Eric Hochberg (bass), and Phil Gratteau (drums). Liner notes by the acclaimed Scott Yanow.
Toronzo Cannon - The Chicago Way

Chicago born and bred blues guitarist/singer/songwriter Toronzo Cannon keeps the city’s blues flame blazing with The Chicago Way. Playing all self-penned material, Toronzo’s lyrics sting just as hard as his fretwork, and his singing resonates instantly with a gruff soulfulness that begs for repeated listening. From frisky shuffles and hard blues to buttery ballads and funky R&B, Toronzo Cannon blends all flavors of Chicago blues and makes them his own.

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