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Weekdays at approximately 5:35 a.m., Weekends at approximately 6:58 a.m.

This program is available for sponsorship!
(Contact Ron Horan for more details.)

STARDATE - a daily, two-minute feature - presents entertaining and informative ancient folklore combined with modern scientific discoveries. Sandy Wood is your host.

Upcoming Programs

Jan 29th, 2015: Meteor Plots

Jan 30th, 2015: Winter Circle

Jan 31st, 2015: Celestial Equator

Feb 1st, 2015: Brackets

Feb 2nd, 2015: Moon and Jupiter

Feb 3rd, 2015: More Moon and Jupiter

Feb 4th, 2015: Moon and Regulus

Feb 5th, 2015: Iron

Feb 6th, 2015: Jupiter at Opposition

Feb 7th, 2015: Seeing Red

Feb 8th, 2015: Moon and Spica

Feb 9th, 2015: Monoceros

Feb 10th, 2015: Beta Monocerotis

Feb 11th, 2015: Bright Merger

Feb 12th, 2015: Morning Moon

Feb 13th, 2015: Bright Paw

Feb 14th, 2015: Solar Max

Feb 15th, 2015: Cancer

Feb 16th, 2015: Spiral Galaxies

Feb 17th, 2015: Winter Milky Way

Feb 18th, 2015: Orion Arm

Feb 19th, 2015: Triple Play

Feb 20th, 2015: Triple Play II

Feb 21st, 2015: Double Double

Feb 22nd, 2015: Canopus

Feb 23rd, 2015: Canopus II

Feb 24th, 2015: Canopus III

Feb 25th, 2015: Moon and Aldebaran

Feb 26th, 2015: Fewer New Stars

Feb 27th, 2015: Hints of Life

Feb 28th, 2015: Beta Cassiopeia

Previous Programs

displays the previous month of programming
Jan 28th, 2015: Catching Neutrinos

Jan 27th, 2015: Cold Dark Matter

Jan 26th, 2015: Soudan Laboratory

Jan 25th, 2015: Perseus

Legends of Jazz