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Weekdays at approximately 5:35 a.m., Weekends at approximately 6:58 a.m.

This program is available for sponsorship!
(Contact Ron Horan for more details.)

STARDATE - a daily, two-minute feature - presents entertaining and informative ancient folklore combined with modern scientific discoveries. Sandy Wood is your host.

Upcoming Programs

Mar 30th, 2015: Moon and Regulus

Mar 31st, 2015: Denebola

Apr 1st, 2015: Beryllium

Apr 2nd, 2015: Eclipses Across the Ages

Apr 3rd, 2015: Lunar Eclipse

Apr 4th, 2015: Moon and Spica

Apr 5th, 2015: Twin Monsters

Apr 6th, 2015: The Next Phase

Apr 7th, 2015: Moon and Saturn

Apr 8th, 2015: Moon, Saturn, and Antares

Apr 9th, 2015: Interstellar Medium

Apr 10th, 2015: Interstellar Clouds

Apr 11th, 2015: Local Environment

Apr 12th, 2015: Galactic Companions

Apr 13th, 2015: The Search Continues

Apr 14th, 2015: Crackling Star

Apr 15th, 2015: Venus and Aldebaran

Apr 16th, 2015: Future Quintuplets

Apr 17th, 2015: Meteorites

Apr 18th, 2015: Meteorites II

Apr 19th, 2015: Meteorites III

Apr 20th, 2015: Catching the Rain

Apr 21st, 2015: Moon and Venus

Apr 22nd, 2015: Hubble at 25

Apr 23rd, 2015: Hubble at 25 II

Apr 24th, 2015: Hubble at 25 III

Apr 25th, 2015: M87 Cluster

Apr 26th, 2015: Evening Mercury

Apr 27th, 2015: Solar Fusion

Apr 28th, 2015: Brighter Sun

Apr 29th, 2015: Unpredictable Sun

Apr 30th, 2015: Solar Nap

Previous Programs

displays the previous month of programming
Mar 29th, 2015: Moon and Jupiter

Mar 28th, 2015: Moon in the Middle

Mar 27th, 2015: African Astronomy III

Mar 26th, 2015: African Astronomy II

Jazz Night in America