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Daily Playlist for Sunday - April 19, 2015

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please note: all times are CDT.

09:07 AM Peace Steve Turre Spritman SEARCH
09:00 AM Dolphin Dance Charles Earland Blowing The Blues Away SEARCH
Hearts of Space - 07:00 AM to 08:00 AM
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06:55 AM Bookends Paul Simon Bookends SEARCH
06:50 AM After The Fall John Fluker Star Eyes SEARCH
06:45 AM Indian Summer Alex De Grassi Deep At Night SEARCH
06:39 AM Elegy Bill Douglas Cantilena SEARCH
06:32 AM Sailing Sojiro Voyage SEARCH
06:29 AM Archangel Sante Into Light SEARCH
06:24 AM In Said Katun Richard Bone Tales From Incantina SEARCH
06:19 AM Largo Tangerine Dream Tyranny Of Beauty SEARCH
06:15 AM Simpatico William Ellwood Natural Selection SEARCH
06:04 AM Night Light Liquid Mind VIII Sleep SEARCH
06:00 AM Afterglow Ann Sweeten Tapestries Of Time SEARCH
05:55 AM Opus 132-Ludwig Van Beethoven William Orbit Pieces In A Modern Style SEARCH
05:51 AM But For Me To Know Sam Stryke Emerging SEARCH
05:42 AM Lung Ta Frank Steiner Jr. Touching Silk SEARCH
05:37 AM Bells Of Himalaya Frank Steiner Jr. Touching Silk SEARCH
05:30 AM Malibu Michele Ippolito Mystic Moods SEARCH
05:26 AM I Will Sing To The Lord Tony Sandate The Shade Of The Sycamore SEARCH
05:21 AM Bittersweet Reflection Max Highstein Stars SEARCH
05:17 AM Uriel David Hicken Angels SEARCH
05:09 AM Hear The Light John Kaizan Neptune Tokyosphere SEARCH
05:04 AM Elysian Fields Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel Pastorale SEARCH
05:00 AM Tomorrow Tim Tatum Music And The World SEARCH
05:00 AM Bookends Theme Paul Simon Bookends SEARCH
Blues Before Sunrise with Steve Cushing - 12:00 AM to 05:00 AM
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Jazz Night in America