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Daily Playlist for Sunday - January 25, 2015

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please note: all times are CST.

Hearts of Space - 07:00 AM to 08:00 AM
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06:55 AM Bookends Paul Simon Bookends Find in iTunes
06:53 AM My Angel Friend Keith Driskill A Time Of Innocence Find in iTunes
06:44 AM City In The Field Daniel Dorobantu Knock On The Sky And Listen To The Sound Find in iTunes
06:39 AM Forever… My Love Chris Spheeris Anthony Mazzella Brio Find in iTunes
06:35 AM Vata Kiram Murti Ayurueda: The Fragrance Of Well Being Find in iTunes
06:30 AM Michaela's Song Sean Bray Trancendence Find in iTunes
06:28 AM Song For My Father Tim Timmermans Life As We Know It Find in iTunes
06:16 AM Dawn Like A Prism Bluetech Dreaming Into Being Find in iTunes
06:12 AM Moments Nik Tyndall Lagoon Find in iTunes
06:09 AM Unconditional Will Ackerman Sound Of Wind Driven Rain Find in iTunes
06:04 AM The Silent Garden Of Divinity (Sevillanas) Mehran Angels Of Persepolis Find in iTunes
06:00 AM Sailing Louis Colaiannia Closer Find in iTunes
05:52 AM Row Row Row Your Boat Alysia Tromblay Topography Find in iTunes
05:47 AM The River's Journey 2002 Across An Ocean Of Dreams Find in iTunes
05:38 AM Standing As One Peter Kater R. Carlos Nakai Ritual Find in iTunes
05:34 AM Lost River Takeda Poemas Find in iTunes
05:31 AM Navarsetermarsjen Bukkene Bruse The Stone Chair Find in iTunes
05:25 AM Coaxed To Grow Steven Chesne Moments From The Life Stories Of Strangers Find in iTunes
05:21 AM Autumn Romance Philip Wesley Finding Solace Find in iTunes
05:17 AM The Wooing Of Etain Karl Jenkins Adiemus Live Find in iTunes
05:11 AM Briana Barry Gordon Distant Songs Find in iTunes
05:05 AM Ocean Of Glass Michael Whalen The Other Coast Find in iTunes
05:00 AM Alas, That Spring Should Vanish With The Rose! J. Donald Walters I, Omar Find in iTunes
05:00 AM Bookends Theme Paul Simon Bookends Find in iTunes
Blues Before Sunrise with Steve Cushing - 12:00 AM to 05:00 AM
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The Real Deal