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Streaming Support

Step #1: Play
The player is set to auto-play, but if that does not happen after a few seconds and the player is not still buffering, press the Play button (triangle) to start the stream.

* PLEASE NOTE * On Android devices, it takes roughly 9-10 seconds once you've pressed play before the stream will begin playing.

Stream Not Playing?
Be sure you are running the latest version of your favorite Internet Browser. Also, depending on which browser you use, you may need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash as well. The Stream Player is built to provide HTML5 audio and uses Flash as a fallback when necessary.

Pop-up Windows Enabled?
When you click on “Listen” to launch the player window, it opens in a new window to allow you to keep the live stream playing while browsing the web in this window. Be sure you do not have pop-ups disabled for

Submit a Support Request
If you have further problems with the player, please use this form to submit a request for support. All information requested is needed in order for the developers to troubleshoot your specific experience.

Contact Details

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About Your Computer

Diagnostic Test
Please be sure you have run the browser test through this link and allow the test result to be mailed to us.

Has your browser diagnostic test been successfully emailed to us using the link above? *

Internet Connection Method *
How is your computer connected to the internet?
WiFi (wireless)
Ethernet Cable
Cellular (4G, 3G, Edge)
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About What's Happening

Please provide a detailed explanation of what happens and what doesn't happen when you try to play the WDCB Live Stream. Please be as detailed as possible. *


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