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Streaming FAQs

  • The WDCB stream is designed to open your default audio player for mp3 or m3u (universal mp3) file types when you click on the blue button at listen live.
  • If this doesnt work, please make sure your audio player is set to play mp3 or m3u files. This is usually found under Options, Preferences, or a similar heading, and then look for File Types.
  • If you have Windows Vista, file types or associations are changed in the Control Panel under Programs or Default Programs (depending on your view).
  • Please write if you need help finding this in your player or operating system.

    *Examples of audio players include Windows Media Player, iTunes, Real Player, and WinAmp player. The stream may work with a few others not mentioned here, but we can't guarantee that.

  • The WDCB stream may also be listened to on iPhones and other mobile devices through various apps, including the American Public Media iPhone tuner app.

    Please write if you need more information on this.
  • Streaming works best on the version of the audio player that is closest in release to your computers operating system. This also applies to browsers. Its usually best to keep to things that were released within a year or two of each other.
  • You can find information about what version of a program you have in the Help option under about.
  • Always read a programs system requirements before downloading to make sure your computer has the resources to run the program successfully.
  • You may find that if you are having trouble with the WDCB stream and a particular audio player, try opening it in a different browser.
  • For some reason, Real Player seems to work better in Firefox than in Internet Explorer. Examples of browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, etc.
  • *Note: Though Google and Yahoo may be your home page, they are search engines, not browsers.
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