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HD Radio

First... Here are some important differences between digital and analog signals to note!
1. A station's digital coverage area is typically a little smaller than its analog coverage area.

2. While you might have static on the edge of a station's coverage area listening to its analog signal, there is NO STATIC listening to a station's digital signal. That is the nature of digital reception. It's either perfect (no static), or it's non-existent, and the HD radio reverts to broadcasting the analog signal.

3. HD signals actually have three "channels", HD1, HD2 and HD3.
HD1 is typically used (as WDCB does) for the "real-time" broadcast. It is identical to what you would hear on WDCB's analog signal.

Now... for some FAQs!



What do I need to buy to recieve WDCB's digital signal?

To receive WDCB's broadcast in HD, you need an HD Radio.





Where can I get an HD Radio?

They are available at electronic retailers (Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc.) and through online sources. We suggest you "Google": HD Radio Tuners





Do I need two radios, one for digital broadcasts and one for analog broadcasts?

No, you don't need two radios. HD Radio tuners receives BOTH digital signals and analog signals. Another piece of good news is that the HD Radio automatically reverts to analog format if not able to receive a clear digital signal.



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