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New Releases Spotlight: Week of August 4, 2014

August 4th, 2014

This week, we’ve got some outstanding new releases that you’ll be hearing more of here on WDCB…

Cyrus Chestnut – Midnight Melodies
Cyrus Chestnut is back with a new trio disc recorded for Smoke Sessions Records.  Like almost all of the albums from this series, this one is recorded live at Smoke, one of New York City’s Jazz hotspots.  Cyrus has a kickin’ band, with Victor Lewis on drums and Curtis Lundy on bass.  The song choice here is spectacular, with two classics from Billy Strayhorn (Chelsea Bridge and U.M.M.G.), two soon-to-be classics from John Hicks, and some classic material from the pens of Milt Jackson and John Coltrane, too.  This trio plays really nicely together here, and this disc sounds fantastic.  We think you’re going to be a big fan when you hear this one.

Bob Mamet – London House Blues
Pianist Bob Mamet is originally from Chicago, but has been in LA for the past few years writing scores for films.  He recently came back to town and got some killer local guys (Larry Gray and Paul Wertico) to help him make this new disc on Blujazz Records.  Though Mamet doesn’t seem to make any attempts to sound like Bill Evans, Evans is clearly on Mamet’s mind throughout, with Nardis, How My Heart Sings and Someday My Prince Will Come as part of the set list.  Wertico and Gray are exactly the A-List rhythm section you’d expect, and Mamet clearly revels in having such top notch support along for the ride. 

Marcus Roberts & Wynton Marsalis – Together Again
This disc is EXACTLY what you’d expect from these two masterful players!   …standards, some New Orleans fare, and a lot of tight playing.  Roland Guerin and Jason Marsalis are on bass and drums, and as they’re no strangers to either of the front men, you get a comfortable, swinging set from first note to last note.  Black and Tan Fantasy and Blue Skies are big treats here, but there are lots worth listening to throughout.  You’ll be hearing a plenty from this disc on WDCB!


I’ll be back next week with more fantastic and brand new jazz for you in the music lounge!