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Event Calendars

WDCB Sponsored Events Calendar

See WDCB's upcoming sponsored events.

Jazz Calendar

All types of jazz are represented.

WDCB Presents...

WDCB is responsible for presenting many events in many venues throughout the Chicagoland area.

Submit an Event

Want to submit an event to our calendar? You can do so here!

While the information below is accurate 98% of the time, WDCB is not responsible for inaccurate postings. We encourage you to "phone first".

Jam Sessions

Contains listings for weekly jam sessions throughout the Chicagoland area.

Ballroom/Big Band/Nostalgia Music Calendar

This calendar includes swing/ballroom/big band music and dancing events.

Blues Music Calendar
(includes Zydeco and Cajun)

This listing includes all forms of blues and blues-rock, not only electric blues, but acoustic-blues, swamp blues and Zydeco, Delta-blues, and of course Chicago-blues!

Acoustic/Folk/Americana Music Calendar

These listings include all forms of Americana/Roots music events, including folk and bluegrass.

World Music Calendar
(includes Latin, Celtic, Afro-Cuban, more...)

World music events including Latin, Celtic, Afro-Cuban, and more!

Classical Music/Opera Calendar

This category includes classical, opera, and more...

Visual Arts Calendar
(includes theatre, dance, gallery/museum exhibits, etc.)

This is where you would find events that are non-concert, performance events such as theatre and dance... as well exhibits for museums and galleries.

Community Events Calendar
(includes WDCB PSAs, fundraisers, run/walk events, etc.)

We include the Public Service Announcements you hear on WDCB in this list. Additionally, if it doesnt fit in any of the above calendars, this is where it goes... including fundraisers, meetings for societies and non-profits, bake sales, fashion shows, etc.

C.O.D. Events Calendar

This is where you would find information about events happening at and/or associated with College of DuPage.

Holiday Concert Listings

Here you can find special holiday themed concerts happening around the area.

Display ALL Calendar

This page displays all events (from all categories). It is a complete list of all events that have been submitted to WDCB.

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