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Shadow Town ...a play about sex trafficking in Chicago

presented by: Her Story Theatre Company

Event Information
Thu, Oct 10
to Sun, Nov 17, 2013
(please note: all times are CST)

* Contact the organization listed above for ticketing information.

Venue Info
Den Theatre
1333 N. Milwaukee Ave., 2nd floor
Chicago, IL 60622 (click map for more details)
(773) 569-3454
Event Description
...presented by Her Story Theatre

The Den Theatre
1333 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 2nd Floor
...has a beautiful comfy lounge area and bar, come early, stay late.
Receptions are after every show with singer.

...or by phone: 1-800-838-3006

First come-first served! Every performance of SHADOW TOWN
1253 N. Paulina St., Chicago, IL right around the corner from The Den Theatre.
Attendant on duty starting 6PM/(1:30PM for matinees)
You must have Parking permit from Attendant.
Must show ticket or proof of purchase or group attending Shadow Town.

Evenings: 7:30PM show (house opens 7:00PM)
Matinee: 3:00PM show (house opens 2:30PM)

HER STORY THEATER's mission, through theater and the written word, is to shine bright lights in dark places on women and children in need of social justice and community support.

Her Story Theater's SHADOW TOWN, written and directed by Mary Bonnett, is a 90 minute original stage play, based on Mary's dozens of interviews of people involved with sex trafficking in Chicago. Eleven actors perform various roles, reflecting the lives of 4 sex trafficked girls in the Chicagoland area, Samantha from Naperville, Marisol from Humbolt Park, Tatiana from the Westside and Ling Ling from China.

SHADOW TOWN is told through the eyes of the pimp/trafficker, Prime Cut, taking the audience through 10 lessons on how to become master of the 'the game'. From Lesson One: How To Grow A Ho (which takes 11 to 13 years) introducing the 4 girls journey into "The Life" to Lesson Ten: How To Rid of A Ho.

One of the four trafficked girls gone missing is Samantha Collins from Naperville, a lonely child who seeks company from online strangers. She disappears while her parents are overseas and she is left with the nanny. It is the parent's plight, woven throughout the play through letters written to their daughter before and after her abduction that one of the 24 guest celebrities performs each night, making them the 12th actor of the play. Show opens with guest singer.

A unique offering that fits well into the sex trafficked world of arbitrary moments. As the pimp says, "Confused? Enjoy the chaos, baby, cause you in 'The Life'." SHADOW TOWN is woven with music and dance, untraditional in style, yet powerful and moving in presentation.

* The average age of a sex trafficked child is 11 years old.
* Sex trafficking is a $32 billion dollar illegal business, the second largest in the world.
* Once a child is trafficked, their survival rate is 7 years.
* There are 16,000 children in our city, suburbs and collar counties sexually exploited in the commercial sex trade
* Sex trafficked children live in a nightmare, 365 days a year.
* Together we help end it.

Proceeds benefit The Salvation Army PROMISE program Anne's House, long term residential housing and care for sex trafficked girls, ages 12 to 17 (up to 21); and The DREAMCATCHER Foundation, a street rescue and recovery organization for Chicago sex trafficked girls and women.

3 hours of free CEU credits are applicable to all 24 performances, complements of the Graduate School of Social Work at Dominican University. Sign up at the play, bring your license number, IDs a ticket, fill out form after play and certificate will be mailed.

Following the lives of four trafficked Chicago girls, SHADOW TOWN includes the child from the suburbs, a lonely girl who seeks company with online strangers, a tragic ending made even more tragic by her parents' inability to save her; their only connection - email and letters.

* CHICAGO CELEBRITIES play the role of Samantha's Parent, and our singers perform for opening of play and the after-show reception.
Please Note: Guest Celebrities are subject to change

October 10, 2013
Celebrity: Gary Houston (award winning actor, director, writer, journalist)
Singer: Shauntia Toussaint Fleming (jazz) with pianist Dave Rice
Sponsor: Susan and Ted Oppenheimer

October 11, 2013
Celebrity: Karen Lewis (CTU President, child advocate)
Singer: Dee Alexander (jazz) opens show
Singer: Big Time Sarah (blues)for reception only
Sponsor: Chicago Teacher's Union

October 12, 2013
Celebrity: Si Osborne (celebrated actor and Jeff award winner)
Singer: Maggie Brown (jazz/blues) with pianist Greg Spero

October 13, 2013
Celebrity: Rick Kogan (columnist Chicago Tribune, Journalism Hall of Fame, radio)
Singer: Laura Walls (jazz) with pianist Robert Irving III
Sponsor: Susan and Ted Oppenheimer
Alliance Amer. Univ. Women & Working Women's Hist. Project

October 17, 2013
Celebrity: Bill Kurtis & Donna LaPietra (angels and media)
Singer: Lynne Jordan (blues) with pianist Raymond Glower
Sponsor: The Salvation Army AND Porch Light

October 18, 2013
Celebrity: Martha Nussbaum (law professor at University of Chicago, author)
Singer: Yvonne Gage (jazz)

October 19, 2013
Celebrity: Marion Brooks (NBC 5 Chicago, New anchor, Reporter)
Singer: Holly McGuire (R&B) with pianist Daniel Tabion
Sponsor: Dreamcatcher Foundation

October 20, 2013
Celebrity: Natalie West (Rosanne Barr TV, Red Orchid Ensemble)
Singer/Pianist: Yoko Noge (jazz/blues)
Sponsor: Compass Church

October 24, 2013
James Sherman (Broadway playwright, screenwriter)
Singer: Julia Huff (jazz/blues)
Sponsor: Susan & Ted Oppenheimer

October 25, 2013
Celebrity: Will Clinger, Channel 11 Wild Chicago fame, actor, Second City
Singer: Shawn Christopher (jazz/blues)

October 26, 2013
Celebrity: Cedric Young (award winning actor for film and stage)
Singer: Suzanne Petri (award-winning cabaret) with pianist Bob Moreen
Sponsor: Debbie Zionts, Highland Park, IL

October 27, 2013
Celebrity: Theresa Gutierrez (Emmy award-winning journalist, ABC 7 News)
Singer: Gaye Klopack (jazz) with pianist John Paluch

October 31, 2013
Celebrity: Anita Alvarez (IL Cook County State's Attorney)
Singer: Margeret Murphy (jazz) with pianist Charlie Johnson

November 1, 2013
Celebrity: Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (U.S. House of Representatives)
Singer: Frieda Lee (jazz)

November 2, 2013
Celebrity: Cheryl Lynn Bruce (award winning actress)
Singer: Tressa Thomas (R&B) with pianist Shawn Wallace
Sponsor: Dreamcatcher Foundation

November 3, 2013
Celebrity: Vicky Curtiss (Pastor of Mission, Fourth Presbyterian Church)
Singer: Bobbi Wilsyn (jazz/blues) with pianist Miguel de la Cerna

November 7, 2013
Celebrity: Sylvia Ewing (WTTW, Channel 11, journalist, author)
Singer: Molly Callinan (blues)
Sponsor: Intren, Inc.

November 8, 2013
Celebrity: Eric Zorn (Chicago Tribune Columnist, author)
Singer: Typhanie Monique (jazz) with pianist Robert Irving III
Sponsor: Traffick Free

November 9, 2013
Celebrity: Dennis Zacek (Tony Award, founder Victory Gardens Theater)
Singer: Senabella (jazz)

November 10, 2013
Celebrity: Joel Daly (award winning news anchor, lawyer and actor)
Singer: Kimberley Church (jazz)
Sponsor: United Methodist Temple Church

November 14, 2013
Celebrity: Ben Joravsky (award winning editorialist for The Reader, author)
Singer: Molinea Lewis (jazz/blues) with pianist Robert Irving III

November 15, 2013
Celebrity: Warren Chapman (Senior Vice President Columbia College)
Singer: Lucy Smith (jazz/R&B) with pianist Tom Vaitas

November 16, 2013
Celebrity: Alex Kotlowitz (awarded author, There Are No Children Here)
Singer: Tammy McCann (jazz) with pianist Dennis Luxion
Sponsor: Molly and Jim Perry

November 17, 2013
Celebrity: Honorable Virginia Kendall (District Federal Judge, advocate)
Singer: Spider Saloff (jazz)

House opens at 7PM
SHADOW TOWN starts at 7:30PM
Matinees: House opens 2:30PM Show 3:00PM
Q & A after each show
Reception after each show discussion with incredible singer.

Running Time 90 minutes no intermission. Discussion after every show.

Parking on street and at possibly Jewel Grocery Store. Information closer to date of opening.

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