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Alfonso Ponticelli's Gypsy-Jazz & World-Gypsy Showcase
12th Annual Gypsy-Jazz Festival

Event Information
Fri, Oct 11
- at 10 p.m.
(please note: all times are CST)
$10 cover
* Contact the venue listed below for ticketing information.

Venue Info

(click map for more details)

Event Description
Our club's monthly World-Gypsy, Flamenco & Gypsy-Jazz Showcase led by guitar virtuoso,
Alfonso Ponticelli & his monthly - Different featured Special Guests on strings, vocals &/or dance.
Alfonso Ponticelli has been gracing Katerina's club for over a decade.
Throughout the years,
His guitar virtuosity has been showcased at Katerina's with his Swing Gitan
(Django Reinhardt would be very proud),
with "The Night of Tsigan" (Katerina's former Greek-Gypsy ensemble),
with various old & current members of Las Guitarras de Espana.

Tonight: Ponticelli's Swing Gitan & Special Guests

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