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Chicago Gypsy-Jazz Festival
featuring Alfonso Ponticelli

Event Information
Thu, Oct 3
- starting at 7:30 p.m.
(please note: all times are CST)
$10 for performance, film showing is free
* Contact the venue listed below for ticketing information.

Venue Info

(click map for more details)

Event Description
Alfonso Ponticelli has been gracing Katerina's club
for over a decade.
Throughout the years,
His guitar virtuosity has been showcased at Katerina's with his Swing Gitan
(Django Reinhardt would be proud),
with "The Night of Tsigan" (Katerina's Greek-Gypsy ensemble),
with various old & current members of Las Guitarras de Espana;
And currently at Katerina's on the 2nd Friday of every month,
we host Ponticelli's Flamenco & Gypsy-jazz showcase.

Ponticelli has also been bringing together different Chicago Flamenco musicians
& gypsy-jazz musicians for Katerina's
Annual Showing of "Latcho Drom" (Journey of the Romani).
Film rolls at 730pm. Film - Free

This year, Alfonso Ponticelli returns to Katerina's w/Special Guest Artists
Titi Bamberger, vocals and guitar (Germany)
Pierre Kamlo, guitar (France)
Alex Udvary, cimbalom
Alfonso Ponticelli, guitars
Steve Gibons, violin
John Bany, bass
to celebrate live world music in the authentic warmth of Katerina's intimate jazz & world music venue.
Katerina's celebrates our 14th year of great live jazz & world music with
the 12th Annual "Chicago Gypsy-Jazz Festival"-
Film rolls 'round 730pm
Live concert performance follows film
$10 @ door for live performance.
Musicians - 1/2 off door.

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